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  • FREE SHIPPING on all personalized custom-made rubber stamps
  • Business or personal address in your choice of fonts and sizes
  • High quality Maxlight Pre-Inked, PSI Self-Inking, Hand Stamps
    and Round Seal Stamps
  • Custom PSI Self-Inking Daters and Custom Craft Stamps
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We make our stamps in-house! That way, you get your order sooner and we are able to offer you a lower price, because there is no middleman.
  • PSI Custom made Premium Stampers
  • Large ink cartridge stamps thousand of imprints before it needs reinking
  • Protective bottom cover for clean storage.
  • 10 Sizes to choose from.
  • Prices start at $17.95
  • Maxlight PreInked custom stampers
  • Extra large ink cartridge holds enough ink for thousands of imprints before you'll need to add ink
  • Bottom cover protects stamp between uses
  • 11 Sizes to choose from
  • Prices start at $19.95
Highest Quality Custom-made Pre-Inked Maxlight stamps, Custom Made to Order, Free Shipping, Fast Service

PSI self-Inking Dater, custom-made stamp, Highest Quality, Easy to Order, Free Shipping

  • 2-COLOR and 1-COLOR Stock Maxlight stamps
  • Easy to reink as needed
  • Choose from 16 standard styles
  • Office and home use
  • Reinkable. $9.95 each
  • Heavy duty self-ink dater stamps - 3 sizes
  • Custom wording area above & below date
  • Also economical self-inking date stamp with 3 standard wordings
  • Changeable number bands for setting the month, date, and year
Highest Quality Custom-made Hand stamps, Custom Made to Order, Free Shipping, Fast Service
  • 1-5/8" Round or Square Maxlight custom stamps
  • Notary, architect and engineer stamping
  • Also can be personalized with circular MONOGRAM address designs
  • Traditional rubber stamps
  • Require a separate ink pad
  • Prices start at $12.95
Highest Quality Custom-made Craft stamps, Custom Made to Order, Free Shipping, Fast Service
(made from your own artwork)
Highest Quality Stamp, Choice of 6 colors, Free Shipping, Fast Service
Black, Red, Blue, Green or Purple
  • Craft stamps made from your own design
  • Mounted on natural wood with foam rubber padding
  • Upload your black & white digital image
  • Your chance to be creative!
  • Prices start at $16.95
  • Stamp pads for hand or craft stamps
  • 4" x 2-1/2" stamping area
  • High quality and easily re-inkable
  • $4.50 ea
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